A human brain with a memory board inside it. SAP AI Cloud
Unleashing the power of Generative AI for cloud ERP
In the context of ERP, generative AI will usher in a wave of innovation that will dramatically change how businesses run.
Exclusive: Huawei talks making the “TikTok of ERP”, MetaERP – from inception and beyond
MetaERP from Chinese tech giant Huawei isn’t your average entry in ERP business. As Huawei tells ERP Today in its only international interview regarding the project, “without US sanctions, Huawei had never considered developing its own ERP.”
cloud outage
Outage outrage! Why public cloud is putting data and business at risk
Another outage begs the question: isn’t cloud supposed to be the savior of modern agile computing?
ERP Today billboard
Editor’s Words – thoughts from the first issue of ERP Today North America
Welcome to the first edition of ERP Today North America. We thought it was time our journalism traveled to our friends across the Atlantic.
image of leaf growing from a pile of money | Oracle and IBM
Move over finance, it’s time for a new value metric
Paul Esherwood speaks with Jonathan Wright, IBM senior MD for sustainability, and Jon Chorley, Oracle chief sustainability officer.
Shutterstock image | Workforce
How a skills-based workforce will reshape the future world of work
Sheri Rhodes muses on balancing the AI know-how of a CIO and a chief customer officer’s empathy when shifting to a skills-based workforce.
“Purpose matters”: ServiceNow reveals its plan to avoid job cuts
There isn’t a day that goes by at the moment where there isn’t yet another round of Big Tech layoffs. Fuelled by a hiring storm during the COVID-19 pandemic, technology firms are now re-balancing the books in light of significant...
abstract image | Deloitte trends
Deloitte’s chief futurist on tech trends
Following Deloitte Tech Trends 2023 report, ERP Today speaks to Deloitte’s Chief futurist, Mike Bechtel, on what’s next for enterprises.
Carl Eschenbach and Aneel Bhusri, Workday
New Dawn, New Workday: Carl Eschenbach to lead next chapter
Carl Eschenbach, the former VMWare executive and venture capitalist, is the new co-CEO at Workday and plans to assume full control next year. After more than 18 years at the helm, Aneel Bhusri, the co-founder of the company, will transition into a product-focused role leaving Eschenbach in sole charge. 
InforInfor and Koch feature preview
This 9-minute preview forms the basis for the exclusive story in the Q1 2023 issue of ERP Today.
WorkdayWorkday cover story preview
Workday co-CEOs Carl Eschenbach and Aneel Bhusri talk to Paul Esherwood on the next chapter for the jewel in the ERP crown.
Oracle CloudERP Today Live! Oracle and IBM on sustainability metrics
Ever since the Greeks minted the first coins in 610 BC there has been a universal metric to measure the things we value. The price tag.   The finance economy emerged roughly 2700 years ago when civilizations transitioned from a system of...
ServiceNowBill McDermott interview preview
Bill McDermott is a titan of the industry and currently serves as the CEO at one of the hottest enterprise software companies in the world – ServiceNow. In an all-access interview, McDermott talks exclusively to Paul Esherwood about his life, career and the opportunity to build ServiceNow into the defining enterprise software company of the twenty-first century. This short extract previews some of the topics that we covered.
SAPChristian Klein interview preview
Christian Klein, talks exclusively to Paul Esherwood in this access all interview. As SAP turns 50, Klein opens up on his journey to the CEO role, the work SAP has done on its own transformation, and discusses S/4HANA, RISE and sustainability. This 8 minutes preview forms the basis for the cover story in the June issue of ERP Today. Subscribe for free to get the full story.
SAPERP Today Live! S/4HANA with Jan Gilg
This session with Jan Gilg, president of S/4HANA, is focussed on SAP’s flagship ERP Product and looks at the adoption curve for S/4, how the product has developed and can be augmented by BTP through RISE with SAP.
AcumaticaERP Today Live! with Acumatica
John Case is the new CEO at Acumatica. 6 months into his role, we ask what has been achieved in the first half-year of his tenure and does the world really need another mid-market ERP vendor? Case discusses the traction Acumatica is getting with an increasingly focussed cohort of customers and how Acumatica’s points of differentiation help set the cloud-native ERP publisher apart from the competition.
SAPERP Today Live! RISE with SAP
In this session of ERP Today Live! we speak to Brian Duffy, President of Cloud at SAP, to discuss RISE with SAP and how customers of all shapes and sizes can benefit from this revolutionary way to buy, consume and implement ERP software.
Orbis non sufficit: The race for cloud supremacy 
Are vendor boasts reminiscent of recent history, when getting rich and grabbing more played out pretty badly for most of us?
Workday EAP
The state of the Workday EAP platform in 2023
Workday has made substantial progress on its EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) recently, so time to dig into the new capabilities and approach.  
Shutterstock image
Thriving in a changing world – how to seize the opportunity
Angelique De Vries, EMEA president at Workday, discusses how the company has adapted to the ever-changing tech environment.
image of faces | Software
Inside The Software Automation Revolution
The popularization of software application development tools designed to empower ‘citizen developers’ has burgeoned over the last half-decade.
HR analyst, Josh Bersin
HR tech will embrace employee experience and talent marketplace
HR analyst Josh Bersin sees much for the sector and HR tech market to be optimistic about this year. 
Sustainability: the next frontier of digital transformation
We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redefine the meaning of economics and accelerate progress towards a more sustainable world: one with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality. 
Daniel Dines, UiPath co-founder and co-chief executive officer, UiPath
Automation leading to greater innovation
We humans are in a race to progress. We are at the point where we are able to close the circle of history – a circle of manual forced work – that started with the invention of agriculture, followed by...
Stock image of Automation | Compleat Software & Commercial
Unlimited opportunities for customers with intelligent automation
Today, the remit for automation goes far beyond narrow optimisation. It's providing radical alterations in the way data, processes and humans interact. Hear how the conversation is evolving from leading technologists.
Lab assistant delicately inserts test tube containing a dark substance into a testing machine | Price transparency healthcare
Price transparencyPrice transparency can transform health systems as we know it
Price transparency and enhancing the patient experience, are the latest tools in optimizing healthcare systems.
A fashionable lady in large sunglasses walking with hands full of shopping bags | Farm to fashion
farmFrom farm to fashion: What fashion brands can learn from the food industry
Is it time for the clothing industry to reflect the farming industry? Improving all processes from farm to fashion has a lot of benefits.
An image of workers sorting through apples in a factory | Infor food and beverage manufacturing
InforDigital tech is helping food and beverage firms combat inflation
Recent inflation spikes are causing food and beverage manufacturers to face threats to profitability and risks to customer relationships. Taking a broad view of their costs, product portfolio and margin strategies, F&B firms can take back the reins.
HPEHPE reveals new services spanning edge to cloud
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE ) has announced significant advancements to its hybrid cloud platform, including a unified operating experience, new cloud services and availability of HPE GreenLake in the online marketplaces of several leading distributors.