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image of Workday sign at Workday event in Sweden | Workday Q2
Winning Workday Q2 results show “trust” and stealth AI leadership
Workday Q2 results show a 16.3 percent jump in total revenues, with a clear sentiment of customer trust guiding the company's messaging to investors.
image of hands using a phone | FSM
“Smart” FSM: from SAP to Samsara, Apple to Android
For field or off-site workers in physical operations, using connected devices such as smartphones or tablets is a relatively new concept
abstract art | Capgemini results
Capgemini results boast good news, generative AI “patisserie”
Capgemini results for the first half (H1) of 2023 saw revenues of €11.426m, up 6.9 percent from the same period last year.
Google Cloud results a profitable sequel, hint to hybrid AI future
Google Cloud has made profit for two quarters in a row, as revealed in the latest Q2 2023 results from parent company Alphabet.
ServiceNow lighthouse
ServiceNow an AI “lighthouse” shining bright with caution in Q2 results
ServiceNow has revealed its Q2 results for 2023 alongside an AI NVIDIA partnership and a vision for AI to save the workforce - whilst admitting to a GenAI prudence.
image of woman in front of blue board with writing reading 'Samsara Beyond 2023'
Into Samsara’s new wares – what’s the ERP hook beyond IoT?
June ended with Samsara Beyond, Samsara's flagship event and a big one in the Internet of Things (IoT) calendar.
Exclusive: Huawei talks making the “TikTok of ERP”, MetaERP – from inception and beyond
MetaERP from Chinese tech giant Huawei isn’t your average entry in ERP business. As Huawei tells ERP Today in its only international interview regarding the project, “without US sanctions, Huawei had never considered developing its own ERP.”
Aiman Ezzat, Capgemini CEO
North America shows lowest growth in Capgemini Q1 results
Q1 2023 results for Capgemini saw EMEA, France and UK&I show most growth in the period, with North America reporting the least increase.
ERP Today is acquired by Wellesley Information Services to join the same family as SAPinsider, creating a new media powerhouse for the enterprise technology sector. | ERP Today SAPinsider
ERP Today, SAPinsider, Mastering SAP and Channel Metrics team up to create a global media powerhouse
ERP Today is acquired by Wellesley Information Services to join the same family as SAPinsider, creating a new media powerhouse for the enterprise technology sector.
ServiceNow “fastest ever” as it reaches $2bn revenue first
ServiceNow has surpassed the $2bn quarterly revenue barrier for the first time, according to its first quarter (Q1) results.
Infor and Koch feature preview
This 9-minute preview forms the basis for the exclusive story in the Q1 2023 issue of ERP Today.
Alex Rinke | Celonis | Mining
Celonis – mining within 3D and ESG 
ERP Today's editorial director, Giacomo Lee, talks to Celonis co-founder and co-CEO Alex Rinke, discussing mining within 3D and ESG.
Salesforce first to sell ChatGPT, promising IP safety
ChatGPT hype sees Salesforce launch EinsteinGPT, the "world’s first generative AI CRM technology."
image of Frank Slootman, chairman and CEO, Snowflake | Snowflake Q1
Snowflake reports 54 percent growth in Q4; bets big on hiring
Q4 results from Snowflake reported $555.3m in product revenue for the data cloud company, representing 54 percent YoY growth.
image of robot | Bard
Bard for business? Google enters the chatbot game
Google has entered the AI chatbot arena with Bard, an artificial intelligence search tool. What does it mean for enterprise?
Slack building | Salesforce and Slack
Salesforce earnings up but Slack shows with second CEO exit
Salesforce beat quarterly expectations in a rocky day for the software giant, with stocks sliding in light of Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield leaving the top job at the Salesforce subsidiary on Monday.
Microsoft Supply Chain Platform
Microsoft in supply chain first for disruptive decade
The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform, which bundles together AI, collaboration, low-code, security and SaaS apps, is not a scare tactic. As Redmond tells ERP Today, supply chain disruption is the new status quo.
Adobe has already doomed the metaverse
Pantone blues and Figma fallout: Adobe, not Meta, is the metaverse's biggest threat.
The Great Tech Redundancy is here again
The more companies are callous with their staff, the more chance of another Great Resignation. After all, the main reason employees resigned en masse wasn't because of remote work: It was because they realized how dispensable they were.
Celonis adds ‘third dimension’ to process mining and supply chains
Celonis has launched two new updates to its process mining software. Co-CEO Alex Rinke explains exclusively to ERP Today how the new platforms represent a potential game changer for the tech.
Deloitte and AWS partnership to fuel fintech, crypto
Deloitte is embarking on a multi-year co-investment and engineering collaboration with AWS in a push to help banks and non-banks bring products and services to market with more ease on Amazon Web Services.
Elon Musk buys Twitter; Oracle in, Salesforce out
Looks like Elon Musk has done it and bought Twitter. The acquisition of one of the world's biggest social media sites was a legally fraught one, as has been well-documented. Not so widely covered? The background presence in the story of a few big names in enterprise tech, namely Oracle CTO and co-founder Larry Ellison, and Bret Taylor, co-CEO of Salesforce. The latter was chair of Twitter’s board of directors until Musk's takeover became reality.
EY and metaverse
EY does the metaverse – can it save all things Meta?
EY has updated its metaverse space. The news comes one day after lacking financial results from Facebook owner Meta, the current figurehead of extended reality in enterprise.
Google building | Google and Coinbase
Crypto hedge bet? Google combines Coinbase into Cloud
Cryptocurrency platform Coinbase has selected Google Cloud as a strategic cloud provider, in a move touted as one driving Web3 innovation and development. The news comes after Google's recent partnership with the blockchain arm of embattled crypto service Binance.
Money in Web3 needs neither crypto nor cyberspace
Accenture, Alibaba and more explain why the future of finance doesn’t necessarily involve cryptocurrency and extended reality 
Automation image | Alibaba and Deloitte
Alibaba adds more autonomous autos to its Cloud
Deloitte China and Alibaba Cloud have jointly established the Deloitte-Alibaba Cloud Auto Industry Center. Based in Hangzhou, China, the center will focus on providing customers in the automobile industry end-to-end solutions including autonomous driving, intelligent manufacturing and digital marketing. With...
Google building
Google further exits Smart City stage with Cloud closure
Five years after its inception, Google Cloud's IoT Core system is no more, pointing towards a further pivot away from smart city technology for Google and parent company Alphabet. The news comes not even one year after Sidewalk Labs, Alphabet's controversial urban planning subsidiary, was folded back into Google. The IoT Core closure was announced with a message on the product's page stating the service will be retired on August 16, 2023.
Deepfake data will mean real money in finance – but reality is key
This summer saw the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wind down a consultation into the use of synthetic data in financial services. The initiative, launched in March for the attention of both incumbents and start-ups, was to understand industry views on the potential for synthetic data to support financial innovation, the requirements to be an effective tool, as well as potential limitations and risks.
Netflix and chill on the Microsoft mega-deal?
Netflix introducing an ad-supported version with Microsoft's adtech capabilities came in response to a subscriber slump and recent rocky financials. So rocky, it seems, that many may not be surprised if Microsoft goes the whole hog and snaps up a waning Netflix for a share of the streaming market.
SAP moves first to control costs in wake of economic uncertainty
A certain existential crisis of the employee sort has been spreading across enterprise as of late. Microsoft announced small layoffs as part of a business realignment this week, while a staff-wide email on Tuesday from Google's CEO warned employees of consolidation due to the “uncertain global economic outlook.”
Matt Hicks CEO of Red Hat
Red Hat names Matt Hicks as new CEO
Hicks, who previously served as Red Hat’s executive VP of products and technologies, succeeds Paul Cormier.