A fashionable lady in large sunglasses walking with hands full of shopping bags | Farm to fashion
From farm to fashion: What fashion brands can learn from the food industry
Is it time for the clothing industry to reflect the farming industry? Improving all processes from farm to fashion has a lot of benefits.
An image of workers sorting through apples in a factory | Infor food and beverage manufacturing
Digital tech is helping food and beverage firms combat inflation
Recent inflation spikes are causing food and beverage manufacturers to face threats to profitability and risks to customer relationships. Taking a broad view of their costs, product portfolio and margin strategies, F&B firms can take back the reins.
Oracle Trending Topics – Episode 3 Redefining talent retention: trends in employee experience
Oracle Trending Topics episode on how to help your talent connect, grow and thrive – and you to reduce employee turnover.
Carl Eschenbach and Aneel Bhusri, Workday
New Dawn, New Workday: Carl Eschenbach to lead next chapter
Carl Eschenbach, the former VMWare executive and venture capitalist, is the new co-CEO at Workday and plans to assume full control next year. After more than 18 years at the helm, Aneel Bhusri, the co-founder of the company, will transition into a product-focused role leaving Eschenbach in sole charge. 
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The start of a beautiful friendship
Workday’s partner strategy historically leveraged two key global relationships and a small cohort of boutique partners. EY is the only Big Four firm that doesn’t have a Workday practice and Workday’s relationships with Deloitte and Accenture have been the primary...
abstract image of a cloud | Boomi
Why every company is now a (cloud) skills business
 A business is defined by its skills. Almost a quarter into the millennium it almost feels too obvious to say it, but it still needs to be said.
Workday EAP
The state of the Workday EAP platform in 2023
Workday has made substantial progress on its EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) recently, so time to dig into the new capabilities and approach.  
Shutterstock image of brain | Rubrik
How AI and ML will drive the future of work
As we enter the new era of the workplace, how do AI and ML benefit us. Can humans be redeployed or is AI and ML here to stay?
Shutterstock image
Thriving in a changing world – how to seize the opportunity
Angelique De Vries, EMEA president at Workday, discusses how the company has adapted to the ever-changing tech environment.
Sustainability: the next frontier of digital transformation
We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redefine the meaning of economics and accelerate progress towards a more sustainable world: one with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality. 
I want my ERP; what SAP and MTV have in common
You’ve probably heard that SAP is 50 years old this year. I mean, you can’t really avoid the social media celebrations rippling out from the Walldorf epicentre, amplified by an eager to please SAP partner ecosystem.
Bill McDermott ERP Today
ServiceNow flexes its ERP credentials
Of all the emergent cloud proponents, ServiceNow is one of the few, if not the only one, that has managed to combine the growth characteristics of a start-up with the profitability of a global enterprise. Its rise in popularity and...
Volteo Digital RiseUp
Volteo Digital: ServiceNow’s partner on real fixes for talent & diversity in tech
Volteo Digital is one of the earliest elite partners for ServiceNow’s ambitious upskilling program, RiseUp, which is ticking towards its 2024 deadline to train one million people on the platform.
cyclists on a road | Thirdera acquisition
Thirdera acquisition creates elite ServiceNow partner tour de force
ServiceNow Elite partner, Thirdera has signed an agreement to acquire SilverStorm Solutions, another ServiceNow Elite partner headquartered in Valladolid, Spain. The acquisition marks the sixth to date for Thirdera, the leading global pure-play provider of workflow-enabled ServiceNow services and solutions....
doctors and nurses | KPMG and ServiceNow
KPMG and ServiceNow shine a light on the stark NHS recruitment gap
As winter approaches and a triple threat of respiratory viruses looms, NHS workers face another perilous season on the frontline. Add in a proposed strike, shrinking funding, and a growing staff shortage to the mix and the ground under which the organization stands feels shakier than ever.
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Daniel Dines, UiPath co-founder and co-chief executive officer, UiPath
Automation leading to greater innovation
We humans are in a race to progress. We are at the point where we are able to close the circle of history – a circle of manual forced work – that started with the invention of agriculture, followed by...
Platform evolution: The path to the fully automated enterprise
Founded back in 2005 in Bucharest, Romania, by Daniel Dines and Marius Tîrcă, UiPath has come to the fore with an approach to enterprise automation innovation that has left would-be players in this market scratching their heads.
Process automation is a people-first concept
Extracting greater functionality and productivity out of existing enterprise software landscapes has always been an important goal for IT and line of business users alike. As business priorities change and new opportunities or threats arise, there’s an almost natural reflex...
A new sunrise, Asahi Europe & International pours clearer brew
Brewing golden ale is an elemental activity. As such, it requires superior ingredients, special environmental conditions and perfected processes. Running a business to support such exacting conditions requires an equal level of flawless systematic operational excellence. As a business built...
Stock image of Automation | Compleat Software & Commercial
Unlimited opportunities for customers with intelligent automation
Today, the remit for automation goes far beyond narrow optimisation. It's providing radical alterations in the way data, processes and humans interact. Hear how the conversation is evolving from leading technologists.
The evolution of platform programmatic automation
Where did RPA come from and how are its roots related to its recent rapid development? Read the story behind screen scraping, smart workflows and AI intersection - and vitally, the road ahead.
Today Mexico, tomorrow the world: How Volteo Digital is powering RiseUp’s global agenda
Official Talent Placement Partner Volteo Digital is a contributing force to RiseUp's ambitious plan.
ServiceNow & Zoom partnership – the next frontier for EX?
How the recent partnership between ServiceNow and Zoom is an intriguing step towards building a more connected digital workplace. 
Ensuring data quality with Oracle Planning: a guide
The good news is that starting the process to improve your data quality is easier than you think.
How Oracle and IBM excel at enterprise cloud migrations
Over the years, IBM and Oracle have competed on several fronts. They’ve also nurtured a close alliance since the early 1980s. Setting the bar for 'co-opetition', here's how the relationship was born.
The only way is out – why ServiceNow’s RiseUp may be the solution the industry has been waiting for
RiseUp by ServiceNow promises an ambitious program to tackle the tech talent skills shortage.
Oracle CloudWorld 2022
Oracle CloudWorld 2022 brings “easy reach” technology
With Oracle CloudWorld 2022 all wrapped up until next year, here are a few highlights from the event's announcements and the exciting new innovations unveiled.
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