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Exclusive: Huawei talks making the “TikTok of ERP”, MetaERP – from inception and beyond
MetaERP from Chinese tech giant Huawei isn’t your average entry in ERP business. As Huawei tells ERP Today in its only international interview regarding the project, “without US sanctions, Huawei had never considered developing its own ERP.”
cloud outage
Outage outrage! Why public cloud is putting data and business at risk
Another outage begs the question: isn’t cloud supposed to be the savior of modern agile computing?
ERP Today billboard
Editor’s Words – thoughts from the first issue of ERP Today North America
Welcome to the first edition of ERP Today North America. We thought it was time our journalism traveled to our friends across the Atlantic.
image of leaf growing from a pile of money | Oracle and IBM
Move over finance, it’s time for a new value metric
Paul Esherwood speaks with Jonathan Wright, IBM senior MD for sustainability, and Jon Chorley, Oracle chief sustainability officer.
Shutterstock image | Workforce
How a skills-based workforce will reshape the future world of work
Sheri Rhodes muses on balancing the AI know-how of a CIO and a chief customer officer’s empathy when shifting to a skills-based workforce.
“Purpose matters”: ServiceNow reveals its plan to avoid job cuts
There isn’t a day that goes by at the moment where there isn’t yet another round of Big Tech layoffs. Fuelled by a hiring storm during the COVID-19 pandemic, technology firms are now re-balancing the books in light of significant...
abstract image | Deloitte trends
Deloitte’s chief futurist on tech trends
Following Deloitte Tech Trends 2023 report, ERP Today speaks to Deloitte’s Chief futurist, Mike Bechtel, on what’s next for enterprises.
AWS building | AWS re:Invent
Where’s AWS pointed in 2023?
With AWS re:Invent having closed out the end of 2022, it is time to assess where AWS stands in 2023, as the main thrust of its announcements at re:Invent allows for an analysis of its strategic direction. Also, as the...
work image | ERP
The midmarket moment has arrived
If you’re reading ERP Today, you know that ERP was critical yesterday and it will remain so tomorrow.
Workday Supplement
A complete guide to Workday
This is an independent ERP Today publication written in collaboration with Workday containing original articles, case studies and more.
It’s time for a new automation approach
To excel at automation and outperform competitors, intelligent automation (IA) and hyperautomation is only part of the answer.
The Great Tech Redundancy is here again
The more companies are callous with their staff, the more chance of another Great Resignation. After all, the main reason employees resigned en masse wasn't because of remote work: It was because they realized how dispensable they were.
Deepfake data will mean real money in finance – but reality is key
This summer saw the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wind down a consultation into the use of synthetic data in financial services. The initiative, launched in March for the attention of both incumbents and start-ups, was to understand industry views on the potential for synthetic data to support financial innovation, the requirements to be an effective tool, as well as potential limitations and risks.
Netflix and chill on the Microsoft mega-deal?
Netflix introducing an ad-supported version with Microsoft's adtech capabilities came in response to a subscriber slump and recent rocky financials. So rocky, it seems, that many may not be surprised if Microsoft goes the whole hog and snaps up a waning Netflix for a share of the streaming market.
Editor’s words: what kind of future do we want?
Our future is being designed for us and we have very little say in the process. Drucker told us we could predict the future by designing it, the only question that remains is what kind of future do we want?
Microsoft and SAP continue 25 year innovation partnership
Microsoft and SAP continue to advance our partnership by deepening our commitment to each other’s platform. Microsoft will be the first public cloud provider to adopt the RISE with SAP solution internally to transform some of its large SAP ERP deployments.
Matt Hicks CEO of Red Hat
Red Hat: an open shift in the enterprise cloud
An interview with Matt Hicks, Red Hat’s global executive VP of products and technologies. "Disrupting a critical application is never the right path, but deliberately evolving into an open ERP foundation is absolutely a well-trodden and successful approach."
M&D has a long way to go in protecting the supply chain
Very few manufacturers and distributors seemed invested in supply chain readiness during the pandemic.
SAP sorts out supply chains and sustainability for Sapphire 2022
Returning to Orlando for its 2022 iteration, the ERP giant stood face to face with a world decidedly different to that of 2019. Supply chains, sustainability and social inequality have all come to the fore during the pandemic, and SAP CEO Christian Klein came to the stage with a timely message for the masses.
All work and all play: Do young professionals really want an office metaverse?
The tools to make work more engaging in the metaverse are already here. But who are they for? And does anyone want them?
Cloud healthcare and the data state of play
Big Tech is muscling in on health big time: look no further than recent acquisitions such as the Microsoft-Nuance and Oracle-Cerner mega-deals.
AI in healthcare: What now after Watson?
IBM’s Watson health venture was so beleaguered, it can be forgiven if AI in healthcare seems like a poor business bet.
Legacy tech lingers in healthcare after Covid. What’s the fix?
It's still too early to say the NHS has shed off enough of its legacy technology, even after the pandemic.
Editor’s Words: capability and complexity
In a previous editorial, I quoted Tom Peters who famously said: “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention” - but that sentiment is already outdated.
ERP Today Vendor Review 2022
ERP’s role has changed – and finally the vendors are listening. This year’s vendor review takes a close look at the 10 key ERP vendors that are suited to mid-market and enterprise customers.
The art of enterprise intelligence
Amazon, Venmo and Uber Eats: none of these iconic brands allow us to do anything we couldn’t do before. After all, I bought stuff on the internet, paid the babysitter, and ordered food delivery for years before any of those companies came around.
The great hybrid multi-cloud myth
Dan Scarfe with an alternative look at the trend for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures – does the world really need to be this complex?
Industry clouds: a key ingredient for agility and business opportunity
The astonishing pace of change in the world today driven by extraordinary levels of technology innovation has been pushing business towards the cloud for years.
How to minimise (the next) supply chain disruption
Once the sole preserve and concern of professionals dedicated to serving this essential economic conduit, the health of wealth of the global supply chain is now a topic of wider business interest. As we strive to operate in a new...
Editor’s words
What story does this tattoo tell? Sure, it’s funny that the poor lad started out with a vision for something meaningful and ended up with a permanent reminder that he should have paid more attention at school. But does that...