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How a skills-based workforce will reshape the future world of work
Sheri Rhodes muses on balancing the AI know-how of a CIO and a chief customer officer’s empathy when shifting to a skills-based workforce.
Orbis non sufficit: The race for cloud supremacy 
Are vendor boasts reminiscent of recent history, when getting rich and grabbing more played out pretty badly for most of us?
Workday EAP
The state of the Workday EAP platform in 2023
Workday has made substantial progress on its EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) recently, so time to dig into the new capabilities and approach.  
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Thriving in a changing world – how to seize the opportunity
Angelique De Vries, EMEA president at Workday, discusses how the company has adapted to the ever-changing tech environment.
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Inside The Software Automation Revolution
The popularization of software application development tools designed to empower ‘citizen developers’ has burgeoned over the last half-decade.
HR analyst, Josh Bersin
HR tech will embrace employee experience and talent marketplace
HR analyst Josh Bersin sees much for the sector and HR tech market to be optimistic about this year. 
Sustainability: the next frontier of digital transformation
We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redefine the meaning of economics and accelerate progress towards a more sustainable world: one with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality. 
Daniel Dines, UiPath co-founder and co-chief executive officer, UiPath
Automation leading to greater innovation
We humans are in a race to progress. We are at the point where we are able to close the circle of history – a circle of manual forced work – that started with the invention of agriculture, followed by...
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Unlimited opportunities for customers with intelligent automation
Today, the remit for automation goes far beyond narrow optimisation. It's providing radical alterations in the way data, processes and humans interact. Hear how the conversation is evolving from leading technologists.
Composable by nature
Composable by nature
Today the buzzword du jour is ‘composable, ’composable business, composable thinking, composable architecture and even composable ERP.
Are you ready to weather the economic storm with agile working capital management?
With soaring inflation and interest rate rises, SAP's Thomas Mehlkopf says its time to revisit liquidity forecasting and working capital management.
Hyperscaler no brainer, Nutanix puts Cloud Clusters (NC2) on Microsoft Azure
Some things in cloud are complex. Okay, that’s too kind – most aspects of cloud computing are typified by their inherent complexity and the lengthy technical specifications, intertwined dependencies and intricate deployment (and ongoing management) process that they require in...
Building ‘smart’ ERP demands continuous software intelligence
Is it time to introduce ERPSI into the lexicon: the development of ERP suites with an inherent ability to exert software intelligence functions?
Citizen technologists, it takes more than a lion taming hat
A reminder why just because you’ve got the title, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily qualified to do the job
Premises and potentates for cloud in 2022
Quantum computing, AI, DAOs and the metaverse make for an interesting cloud race after COVID-19
The vision for automation in 2023 and beyond
Automation should empower both devs and business users to reach new capacity with their work, no matter background and experience. Our core automation platform continues to expand, combining UI automation and API integration, ML, and AI.
From IT delivery to business success: shifting the mid-market project mindset
In a cloud world, ensure the business objectives of your project are clear  
Aligning ESG and digital strategies
In the quest to build sustainable, purpose-driven companies, technology cannot be an afterthought.
An effective metaverse strategy requires a web3 mindset
Businesses might face risks by underpinning their metaverse strategies with a web2 way of thinking.
The tipping point scenario for consumer product supply chains is now
Consumer product (CP) companies are sitting in hot water, right in the middle of a value chain that is transforming across almost every conceivable dimension. And it’s not a stretch too far to say that most are hot under the...
The state of the key HCM vendors for 2022 and beyond
The future of work is changing faster than ever, and people are the biggest asset of any enterprise.
A fair and inclusive future of work needs some planning
For a closer look at how much the Great Resignation is impacting the IT sector and its workforce plans for the future, just look at the data.
The Rise of Industry Vertical Solutions
Both the platform vendor and systems integrator landscapes are changing. Where to put your money?
Welcome to the New World: how Capgemini is solving supply chain challenges
Before the global pandemic, public awareness of supply chains and the dependency on these to move goods around the world was taken for granted.
The hidden gem in SAP RISE’s crown: the SAP Business Network
SAP’s RISE initiative has a lot of moving parts that together offer customers and prospects important incentives to move to the cloud.
Enterprises better strap in for a journey to the metaverse
When social media giant Facebook changed the name of its holding company to Meta in late 2021, both the internet and enterprise world were abuzz with confusion over what it all meant.
Platforms matter in 2022 EAP is key for ERP success
Back in 2019, I had the pleasure to author a piece for ERP today on why platforms matter. Since, the industry has not stood still, and platforms have become stronger, broader and more important for all ERP vendors.
IT makes business dreams real
Every company’s ambitions are now digital. As a result, IT permeates organizations and influences outcomes in every corner of the enterprise. Whether you sell cars or clothes, entertainment or detergent, your business architecture is likely indistinguishable from your technology architecture. 
ServiceNow’s critical role in today’s HR tech market
The HR technology market is massive. More than $80bn per year is spent on tools to hire, pay, manage, develop and support employees around the world.
Platforms that deliver value through employee engagement
Over the last 18 months we have seen the constant rise in the industry narrative from the SaaS cloud platform providers regarding the importance of delivering ‘experiences that matter’.