Guest Contributors

Automation outlook for 2023 and beyond
Research and data from IDC suggests that automation will be a hot topic in 2023.
‘Glorified filing cabinet’: Cloud’s greatest failing
Data literacy and insights at scale will be crucial as cloud and digitization accelerate.
abstract image | MACH
The impacts of innovation: MACH and ERP
Composable thinking is the new extension of modular technology and holds the key to enterprise agility.
New paddles, not a bigger boat
In times like these you don’t need a bigger boat, just some better paddles.
I want my ERP; what SAP and MTV have in common
You’ve probably heard that SAP is 50 years old this year. I mean, you can’t really avoid the social media celebrations rippling out from the Walldorf epicentre, amplified by an eager to please SAP partner ecosystem.
Process automation is a people-first concept
Extracting greater functionality and productivity out of existing enterprise software landscapes has always been an important goal for IT and line of business users alike. As business priorities change and new opportunities or threats arise, there’s an almost natural reflex...
The future of automation: a hindrance or an enabler?
Automation is about efficiency, and efficiency is a priority for businesses and organisations needing to survive in an ever more competitive environment. Automation in the past revolved around updating machinery and equipment and improving processes, while new digital advances have given rise...
Handling complexity: should we be scared of standardisation?
Why many organisations struggle with the conflict between delivering simplification and standardisation
Artificial intelligence will revolutionise the customer journey
AI-driven actions are not only creating positive value for clients but also increasing loyalty and driving business revenue. This shows how important technology is to a company’s business strategy
Watch out for SAP silos in your cybersecurity
ERP exposure and the need for business-critical application security to mitigate threats and protect systems from avoidable damage
We are ready to write our next chapter
It feels as though we’re just getting started. In this special issue, we look back so we can innovate forward - we hope you’ll join us on the journey as we write our next chapter. 
Five key cloud opportunities for the next decade
After years of repeated shocks and disruption, there is still one constant when we talk to customers about their cloud goals - the need for business transformation.
SAP’s history – fifty years and counting
What started SAP on such an illustrious journey, all those years ago back in 1972? Let’s take a dive into history to understand SAP's legacy and what the future holds.
Why it’s time for a user group upgrade
User groups are struggling. So what’s next? The importance of human engagement can never be underestimated, especially when challenging times are ahead and exciting innovations are being built.
How SAP ERP is a strategic enabler of sustainability
I have been passionate about sustainability in the environmental sense. But in the last two years, sustainability has dramatically rocketed up the agenda of all businesses and the public sector. 
You can’t spell entrepreneur without ERP
Hypergrowth, a concept first coined by Alexander V. Izosimov in a 2008 issue of Harvard Business Review, is the rapid growth of a business by at least 40 percent compound annual growth rate.
The future of cloud ERP is here
Five founders and the vision to transform the way businesses run - that is how SAP’s story began in 1972. I’m privileged to have been part of this journey for almost two decades.
Why verticalisation is key to software development
As cloud solutions evolve, there is a shift from horizontal to vertical industry-tailored applications. Bonnie Tinder, CEO at Raven Intel...
What US wars can teach us about ERP strategy
Thanks to Hollywood, US wars are etched in our collective understanding.  Not to mention politicians’ soundbites, the moving images captured...
Can ERP degrees help solve the talent crisis?
The ERP industry is woefully short of resources and many global brands in this space are locked in a battle to find, recruit and retain new talent.
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Making a genuine difference in building a sustainable future
At the end of 2021, IFS hosted its Change for Good awards at COP26 in Glasgow to celebrate the difference and impact our customers are having...
ERP and HR systems: the lovechildren of Inflation
When inflation and high interest rates last got together in the 1970s, they spawned the lovechild of ERP and drove a revolution in materials...
Using data to stem the tide of employee resignations
Throughout the course of 2021, employees have been leaving their organisations in record numbers.  During the months of July, August and September...
The data migration project minefield
Data is the foundation on which all modern businesses are built and the importance of accurate and timely data has never been more important...
Culture sits at the top of the finance agenda
It may be a new year but many challenges brought on by the pandemic are persisting - the ‘Great Resignation’ being one of the biggest issues affecting business...
What is the cost of change? Implications for your SAP roadmap
With the maintenance deadline for SAP ECC 6.0 fast approaching, organisations are deciding how they will use SAP going forward. For many, their ERP system is the heartbeat of the business, so they are currently evaluating the role it will play and what needs to change for it to be fit for purpose in today’s digital world.
Oracle’s move to vertically-focussed sales teams
At the turn of Oracle’s financial year in June, they restructured a large number of their sales teams to be more industry-focussed. This could be because Oracle is already experiencing more success in settings where vertical expertise is important - they are listed at #6 in the Cloud Wars ranking but have reached #3 in Industry Cloud rankings.
The next generation of talent will boost our whole ecosystem
The last 18 months have chan-ged workforce dynamics, which gives us the opportunity to rethink how we train and retrain all of our employees, but in particular our young professionals
Pets vs Cattle 2.0: An Analogy and Approach for Modern Infrastructures
Pets vs. cattle is an analogy with modest beginnings that has grown into an industry staple. A simple Google search will spawn more than four million results and a myriad of developer memes. Although origin stories are a little hazy, the actual, original quote was ‘cattle, not pets.’
How ERP can help create a sustainable future
am going through an awakening, a realisation. This is no sudden flash of light on the staycation road to Norfolk, but a gradual, stumbling focus on how I and the club to which I belong – ‘ERPers’ - can play a part in the major challenge the world faces: global warming and the need to cut emissions.