Editor’s Words – thoughts from the first issue of ERP Today North America

ERP Today billboard

Welcome to the first edition of ERP Today North America.

We have been publishing ERP Today in the UK and Europe since 2019 and we thought it was about time we brought our brand of journalism to our friends across the Atlantic. 

ERP Today is a different kind of media platform. We deliberately stay away from technical analysis and try to educate and entertain our readers with creative and thought-provoking journalism. We cut through the hyperbole and zero-in on the information that CxOs need to navigate the complex world of enterprise technology.  

This first edition is a showcase: we have profiled many of the brands and leaders that are at the sharp end of digital transformation and designed the magazine to give you a preview of what’s to come. In future issues we will dive much deeper into specific topic areas like ERP modernization, artificial intelligence, sustainability, cloud and diversity.  

Our exceptional design and production values help to build trust in our brand and our print publication is the foundation for all our other content. Our editorial attempts to break down complex multi-layered problems into three simple steps: what was the problem, what is the solution, what are the benefits? This simple formula can be applied to virtually any effort to use digital technologies. Tech for tech’s sake is a waste and we believe that investments should be made to solve specific problems with sustainable and measurable outcomes.  

Despite our title, we don’t only talk about ERP. We believe that ERP is the core component for any digitally ambitious enterprise. But, we also know that a reliable and clean core is just the start of the story. ERPs are the engine that power agility, resiliency and opportunity. They are the foundation on which an enterprise can compose its digital future and they have the potential to solve many of the world’s most complex problems.  

ERP Today abides by a simple guiding principle that shapes how we think and report. We write all our content with the end user in mind and have spent four years learning what CIOs and CFOs want to read and what they don’t. I am yet to meet a single finance leader who bought an ERP solution based on a share price or how much ARR grew in the last quarter. Other media outlets wax lyrical on the back of quarterly earnings calls, but that narrative has very limited audience interest.  

We know from experience that business leaders consume information in different formats, so we deliver our content through a blend of print, digital and video platforms. Combining these elements allows us to meet the user where they choose and provides an opportunity for brands to connect with an engaged audience on a platform that is trusted and respected. 

ERP Today also hosts the industry’s biggest in-person event in the UK. The ERP Today Awards is the only event that the whole industry attends and we will bring the same format event to North America soon. To find out about the awards program, scan this QR code.

We are also staunch supporters of young talent and operate a young professional’s network (YPN) to give young talents a voice in the industry and will also bring the YPN and the YPN Awards to North America in 2024. 

I hope you enjoy the first issue of ERP Today North America. If you would like to contribute to a future issue, please say hello.