March 2023Issue 1


Carl Eschenbach and Aneel Bhusri, Workday
New Dawn, New Workday: Carl Eschenbach to lead next chapter
Carl Eschenbach, the former VMWare executive and venture capitalist, is the new co-CEO at Workday and plans to assume full control next year. After more than 18 years at the helm, Aneel Bhusri, the co-founder of the company, will transition into a product-focused role leaving Eschenbach in sole charge. 


ERP Today billboard
Editor’s Words – thoughts from the first issue of ERP Today North America
Welcome to the first edition of ERP Today North America. We thought it was time our journalism traveled to our friends across the Atlantic.
Workday Supplement
A complete guide to Workday
This is an independent ERP Today publication written in collaboration with Workday containing original articles, case studies and more.


Expert Opinions

image of leaf growing from a pile of money | Oracle and IBM
Move over finance, it’s time for a new value metric
Paul Esherwood speaks with Jonathan Wright, IBM senior MD for sustainability, and Jon Chorley, Oracle chief sustainability officer.
Shutterstock image | Workforce
How a skills-based workforce will reshape the future world of work
Sheri Rhodes muses on balancing the AI know-how of a CIO and a chief customer officer’s empathy when shifting to a skills-based workforce.
Orbis non sufficit: The race for cloud supremacy 
Are vendor boasts reminiscent of recent history, when getting rich and grabbing more played out pretty badly for most of us?
Workday EAP
The state of the Workday EAP platform in 2023
Workday has made substantial progress on its EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) recently, so time to dig into the new capabilities and approach.  
Shutterstock image
Thriving in a changing world – how to seize the opportunity
Angelique De Vries, EMEA president at Workday, discusses how the company has adapted to the ever-changing tech environment.
image of faces | Software
Inside The Software Automation Revolution
The popularization of software application development tools designed to empower ‘citizen developers’ has burgeoned over the last half-decade.
HR analyst, Josh Bersin
HR tech will embrace employee experience and talent marketplace
HR analyst Josh Bersin sees much for the sector and HR tech market to be optimistic about this year. 

Guest Contributors

The midmarket moment has arrived
If you’re reading ERP Today, you know that ERP was critical yesterday and it will remain so tomorrow.
Automation outlook for 2023 and beyond
Research and data from IDC suggests that automation will be a hot topic in 2023.
‘Glorified filing cabinet’: Cloud’s greatest failing
Data literacy and insights at scale will be crucial as cloud and digitization accelerate.
The impacts of innovation: MACH and ERP
Composable thinking is the new extension of modular technology and holds the key to enterprise agility.