Top down view of a cluttered and messy desk with ditritus covering the surface | Cloud ERP
No clutter allowed! How a clean core can help innovate your business
Sometimes it isn't enough to requisition a cloud ERP for your business, especially a highly customized cloud ERP. Did you know how much a clean core can benefit your business?
A Bacon. Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on a plate | AI business
Bacon, Lettuce and FOMO – AI is making the Future of Business
When faced with supply chain disruptions, a business doesn’t “need AI”, they need what AI can do. AI-infused ERP is out to skip the FOMO feeling.
A human brain with a memory board inside it. SAP AI Cloud
Unleashing the power of Generative AI for cloud ERP
In the context of ERP, generative AI will usher in a wave of innovation that will dramatically change how businesses run.
A building surrounded by greenery. Eco Friendly. Carbon Cloud : SAP BT Group
Cloud transactional carbon accounting is set to revolutionize businesses
With ever-improving ESG rules and regulations, how can businesses use carbon accounting in the Cloud to reduce their carbon footprint?
Businessman explaining line graph to his coworker. Midsize Empowering Competitive Growth
Empowering midsize companies for competitive growth
More than ever before, midsize companies are venturing to evolve and thrive in the changing world of ERP. What do they need?
Woman looking at bikes on the street: sap subscription economy
The rise of subscription economy: a win-win for consumers and businesses
Industries have seen an explosive demand for subscription-based services over the last few years, leading the subscription economy to thrive.
Group of people standing in silhouette against a giant window. The sun is setting and the background has a skyline of skyscrapers | SAP
From NO to YES, but securely: unlocking innovation with Cloud ERP
By taking a proactive approach to security, companies can embrace new technologies and services while mitigating security risks.
Cropped shot of computer programmers working on new code | SAP ERP backbone
A stronger stack: dodge backbreaking ERP by de-risking process change
Keeping your organization in commission, here are some actionable steps and insights to help you avoid breaking your ERP backbone by de-risking the process change with SAP.
Sustainable Supply Chain
Five actions for a sustainable supply chain
Climate change, circular economy, ESG and sustainability have become business priorities and our global supply chains sit right in the middle of these challenges—as a major contributor to the problems, and a great area of focus to take action.
80:20 Rule
Modernize Your ERP: Harnessing the Power of the 80:20 Rule
A rule of thumb often used in ERP programs is that approximately 80 percent of business capabilities and processes are non-differentiating
ERP Today Live! S/4HANA with Jan Gilg
This session with Jan Gilg, president of S/4HANA, is focussed on SAP’s flagship ERP Product and looks at the adoption curve for S/4, how the product has developed and can be augmented by BTP through RISE with SAP.
Composable by nature
Composable by nature
Today the buzzword du jour is ‘composable, ’composable business, composable thinking, composable architecture and even composable ERP.
Are you ready to weather the economic storm with agile working capital management?
With soaring inflation and interest rate rises, SAP's Thomas Mehlkopf says its time to revisit liquidity forecasting and working capital management.
Businessman checking stock market data
Don’t let inflation deflate your business
Inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years. As costs rise, every penny we spend gets scrutinized. Businesses need cost/benefit analyses and to determine the potential ROI of investments.
Spider's Web Closeup
Is the ERP approach stuck in a ‘Stranger Things’ nightmare?
The Netflix series Stranger Things has awakened memories of the 1980s. Are companies also approaching ERP as if they were still in the last century? Escaping the nightmare, let's separate the facts and fiction and get with the program.
Nourishing war-torn citizens, Ukrainian poultry producer works with SAP
During the first hours of the war, top management at MHP, Ukraine’s largest food producer, gathered in the Kyiv HQ to re-frame company goals. Faced with the far-reaching impacts of the unprovoked conflict with Russia, the business stared down a seemingly impossible challenge.
It’s time to get serious about servitization
As consumers, we are now used to the as-a-service model in our everyday lives. When was the last time you bought a CD or DVD? I can’t remember because my whole family stream everything. My sons and I even get...
If you don’t like all this change, don’t worry, it’ll change.
Several things have happened in the last few years to throw status quo into a tailspin. I don’t need to mention them here because there’s a good chance you’ve noticed – especially the part where, as a finance leader, you’ve...
ERP Today Live! RISE with SAP
In this session of ERP Today Live! we speak to Brian Duffy, President of Cloud at SAP, to discuss RISE with SAP and how customers of all shapes and sizes can benefit from this revolutionary way to buy, consume and implement ERP software.
Four tips to prepare for your move to cloud ERP
You’d be hard pressed to find a business leader out there who doubts the benefits of moving their business applications to the cloud. But you’ll find plenty asking: How do I get there? This is particularly true when it comes to...
ERP Today Live! RISE with SAP, Brian Duffy
In this session of ERP Today Live! we speak to Brian Duffy, President of Cloud at SAP, to discuss RISE with SAP and how customers of all shapes and sizes can benefit from this revolutionary way to buy, consume and implement ERP software.
At your service: How to Wow your customers by creating new revenue streams
We are living in an “as-a-service” world. Everything from the music we listen to, to the shows and movies we watch, and the books we read comes from a streaming service. And let’s not forget about the endless subscription options...
Briggs of Burton Rises to Global Challenges with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Sapphire Systems
SAP SE today announced that Briggs of Burton, the hygienic process engineering company, has selected RISE with SAP to drive its business transformation into the cloud with leading digital operating platform provider Sapphire Systems. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP system, has embedded AI and machine learning,...
Royal Voluntary Service Partners With SAP Concur Solutions to Support NHS Volunteer Responders During COVID-19 Crisis
Discover how SAP Concur's partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service helps bring efficiency to the 600,000 volunteers supporting those in need...
EY, SAP and Qualtrics Collaborate to Bring Resources to Governments Around the World to Help in the Fight Against COVID-19
EY, SAP and Qualtrics' collaboration aims to provide resources to governments around the world as they battle...
Access SAP Technology to Manage COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions
In this time of uncertainty, SAP opens access to technologies that can help employees, companies, communities, and governments continue to move forward free of charge....
SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined: SAP’s Premier Customer Gathering Goes Virtual for a New World
SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP’s premier conference for customers, is going virtual, reflecting how all organizations are adapting business seemingly overnight...