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image of wind turbines on rolling green hills | sustainability initiative
Deloitte and Google Cloud launch green initiative to achieve net zero
Deloitte has announced a new sustainability initiative with Google Cloud to help clients mitigate climate risks and adopt green solutions.
(L) Amanpreet Singh | Founder, CTO & (R) Douwe Kiela | Founder, CEO (Photo: Business Wire) | Contextual AI and Google Cloud
Contextual AI and Google Cloud brings GenAI to the enterprise
Contextual AI has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider to build, run and scale its growing business.
A Steel worker looking at fire coming from in the workhouse : U.S. Steel
U.S. Steel and Google Cloud collab on genAI transformation
U.S. Steel has collaborated with Google Cloud to leverage generative AI to enhance operations at the largest iron ore mine in North America.
Google Cloud results a profitable sequel, hint to hybrid AI future
Google Cloud has made profit for two quarters in a row, as revealed in the latest Q2 2023 results from parent company Alphabet.
abstract image of AI, pink brain with blue and purple background | Accenture and Google Cloud
Accenture and Google Cloud to help organizations generate AI potential
Accenture and Google Cloud have expanded their strategic relationship to help organizations reinvent their businesses with generative AI.
image of Google sign on building/Google adresses concerns about lack of AI regulation
Google addresses concerns about lack of AI regulation
AI is developing at a rapid rate, which has raised concerns about its lack of restrictions. Because of this, Google has been having early conversations with the EU about implementing AI regulation. 
abstract image | Google Cloud and UKG
Google Cloud and UKG expand partnership to deliver GenAI capabilities
Google Cloud and UKG have expanded their partnership of over five years to bring Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities into the widely adopted UKG human capital management (HCM) suites.
Full conference hall with big screens asking "what's next?" | Salesforce Connections
Salesforce unveils new genAI offerings and Google partnership
Salesforce has introduced its latest generative AI product offerings, Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, at its Salesforce Connections 2023 event taking place in Chicago this week.
image of healthcare specialists | Google Cloud and Mayo Clinic
Google Cloud and Mayo Clinic to improve healthcare efficiency with genAI
Google Cloud has today announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to bring generative AI to healthcare settings with Gen App Builder.
image of Google building | TCS and Google Cloud
TCS and Google Cloud expand partnership with new AI offering
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud and the launch of its new offering, TCS Generative AI which leverages Google Cloud’s generative AI services.
Accenture SpiderOak
Accenture invests in SpiderOak to elevate space security
Accenture, through Accenture Ventures, has made a strategic investment in SpiderOak, a zero trust cybersecurity and resiliency solutions firm for next generation space systems.
Character.AI and Google Cloud
Character.AI and Google get conversational to build the next generation of AI
Character.AI partners with Google Cloud to build the next phase of generational AI and open up a new level of value to creators.
Craig Walker, founder and CEO of Dialpad | Google Cloud and Dialpad
Google Cloud tunes into Dialpad to enhance its AI platform
Google Cloud has entered into a partnership with Dialpad, the industry-leading AI-powered Customer Intelligence Platform, to develop new generative AI for users.
abstract image of brain | Cognizant and Google Cloud
Cognizant and Google Cloud expand partnership to accelerate AI
Cognizant and Google Cloud have announced they will be expanding their partnership to accelerate the adoption of AI by businesses around the world. 
abstract image | Deloitte and Google Cloud
Deloitte and Google Cloud expand decade-long alliance
Google Cloud and Deloitte have expanded their decade-long alliance to help bring Google Cloud’s advanced Generative AI capabilities to enterprises in every industry.
Google Cloud building
Alphabet’s first quarter results: Google Cloud makes its first profit
Alphabet has released its Q1 2023 results, which shows Google Cloud making a profit for the first time, and Alphabet exceeding expectations.
Google cloud and accenture
Google Cloud and Accenture accelerate cybersecurity resilience
An extended Google cloud and Accenture partnership is readying the enterprise for continued threats to cyber security.
cloud outage
Outage outrage! Why public cloud is putting data and business at risk
Another outage begs the question: isn’t cloud supposed to be the savior of modern agile computing?
Incorta drives ERP cloud migration with Google Cloud
Real-time business analytics company Incorta has partnered with Google Cloud as part of what is said to be a whole raft of initiatives around cloud computing and analytics deployments - and there’s a concerted ERP thread throughout.
Generative AI Google Cloud
Generative AI: The next move from Google Cloud in AI Wars with Microsoft
Google Cloud has announced that its new Generative AI capabilities are now available for developers, businesses, and governments. It will bring in a new era of interactive ability with the release of two new products.
image of UCR | Google Cloud and UCR
California dreamin’ as UCR selects Google Cloud for education modernization
The University of California, Riverside has chosen Google Cloud to modernize its enterprise infrastructure and support its research program.
Salesforce first to sell ChatGPT, promising IP safety
ChatGPT hype sees Salesforce launch EinsteinGPT, the "world’s first generative AI CRM technology."
image of Doctor | Redox and Google Cloud
Google Cloud and Redox unlock legacy formats for healthcare
Redox and Google Cloud have joined forces to simplify the exchange of healthcare data from legacy systems into Google Cloud products like Healthcare Data Engine and Healthcare API, organizations can build longitudinal views to better serve their patients and members.
image of person shopping | Google Cloud and Accenture
Google Cloud and Accenture modernize businesses with ai.RETAIL
Google Cloud and Accenture have unveiled new initiatives to help retailers modernize their businesses and benefit from cloud technology.
image of delivery driver | Uber and Google
Uber unlocks the power of cloud, AI and edge with Google
Google and Uber have expanded their partnership to support Uber’s modernization of its data cloud infrastructure and reimagine the customer experience for users, drivers, and merchants.
image of robot | Bard
Bard for business? Google enters the chatbot game
Google has entered the AI chatbot arena with Bard, an artificial intelligence search tool. What does it mean for enterprise?
Mitchell Luo | Unsplash, Google results Q4
Google focused on AI as Q4 results miss targets
Google missed expectations in their Q4 financial results with advertising revenue down. Google Cloud has halved losses, and investment in AI has been announced.
image of person at grocery store | Google Cloud, Deloitte and Kroger
Kroger groceries well-stocked with Google Cloud and Deloitte
Google Cloud and Deloitte have formed a strategic collaboration with Kroger to help the grocery chain use cloud technologies to increase associate productivity across its nearly 2,800 stores nationwide.
image of trolleys | Google Cloud AI
Google Cloud unveils new AI tools for Retailers
Ahead of NRF2023 beginning today, Google Cloud has introduced four new and updated AI technologies to help retailers transform their in-store shelf checking processes and enhance their ecommerce sites. Built on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Vision, the new shelf checking...
Google Cloud launches new healthcare accelerators. Accuray | Unsplash
Google Cloud launches new ‘accelerators’ for healthcare
Google Cloud has launched three new Healthcare Data Engine (HDE) accelerators to help organizations address common use cases around health equity, patient flow, and value-based care.